RIFF is a digital full-service agency specialized in providing solutions and services for the entire digital customer journey. The people at RIFF understand better than anyone that their work must produce results for the customer. They are goal-oriented, no-nonsense and pragmatic.


RIFF offers services in the field of Digital Marketing and  Omnichannel customer contact (digital engagement).

Quickscan community management & webcare

De eerste stap op het pad naar social media succes is een relevant overzicht van de huidige stand van zaken. Met een quickscan schetsen wij een beeld van de activiteiten en de performance van je social media kanalen. Wij helpen je de social media kansen te benutten voor jouw bedrijf.

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Airport services

RIFF provides full customer contact services for airports with an entirely new omnichannel approach that matches the changing customer needs. It is our ambition to help passengers in the terminal even better and more efficiently when they have questions or problems.

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Digital engagement strategy

Your digital customer contact strategy is part of your overall digital strategy. That visibly belongs together. We help you discover your online voice and grow a positive image online.

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Consultancy & training

Our social media consultants and specialists can teach you and your team the intricacies of the online customer care profession.

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Social media reports

Social media reports provide insight to the behavior of your followers on social media. And also on the effect of the content that you post. That way you know whether your efforts are sufficient.

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Ratings & reviews

Your customers can provide valuable feedback about your products and services. For example, they leave a review on Google and Trustpilot or in the Appstore for your own app. We act on these reviews.

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Community management

With Community Management we build on your brand online. We engage in conversation with your fans and followers, and we learn from them. What are their needs when it comes to your products and services?

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Social selling

As a partner in the field of social media, RIFF also helps you to take steps in the game of Social selling.

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